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  • Peggy Plunkett on

    I love everything about this unique scarf. The fabric is beautiful, and it’s big enough to wear as a traditional scarf or a light wrap. Many thanks.


    “Elegant, Light as a Feather, Airy Large Rectangular Irregular Silk Fiber Scarf”

  • Paulina Mashnik on

    The most beautiful martishor I’ve ever seen. Very delicate and flattering on clothes, including jackets. The quality is outstanding.

  • Sophia on

    I purchased a pair of Virginia’s socks and have to say that they are the best! Not only do they look elegant and beautiful, but they are made with organic cotton and they double as the nicest little house slippers. And they are durable! I’ve washed mine many times and they’ve lasted very well. I’ve come back to purchase more for Christmas gifts for all the ladies on my list. Thank you for your excellent service, Virginia!

  • Lara on

    Beautiful website! Full of many interesting and lovely things! I’ll be back for sure!

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