I always use USPS shipping options. I like to keep tracking all my shipped orders, so the minimum shipping choice you will have is First Class Parcel shipping option. There is also a small handling fee ($2-$3) applied to each shipping order and I am sorry for any inconvenience I may create with handling fee added. All your orders will be shipped in a very secure package that will make sure your order will arrive in very good condition at your destination addresses.

If your order was placed between Monday-Friday time frame, before 3:30 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), then your order would be shipped in the same day your order was placed. If your order happened to be placed after 3:30 PM PST(Mondays - Fridays), then your order will be shipped in the morning of the next working day. If you placed your order on Saturdays before 1:00 PM PST, your order will be shipped in the same day. If your order have been placed Saturday after 1:00 pm your order will be shipped in the first following USPS working day, that means early Monday morning.  If there happens to be a Holiday, your order will be shipped right after that Holiday break ends, when the USPS will open theirs business doors.