About Virginia's Collections

Virginia’s Collections is a small artisan business which offers a multifaceted creative and original garment & craft designs, work of art and all related services.

Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Virginia’s Collections has a wide and varied activities, including a very small manufacturing business and offers unprecedented customer attention.

Virginia’s Collections is a premier provider of unique, distinctive, creative and original hand made art items that includes, but are not limited to, traditional Romanian accent wearing garments, Romanian ancient & authentic items reproductions (replicas) and seasonal crafted souvenirs, which is one of the purposes of promoting, maintaining, perpetuating and keeping the Romanian and Eastern Europe traditional accent and culture unbroken.

Virginia’s Collections has its own designs, patterns and ideas and also could accept orders from outsider’s business/customers.

All items designed and/or created by Virginia’s Collections are marked with its own brand name and logo labels.

Virginia’s Collections goal is to participate in exciting and growing market and in organized events that covers, and not limited to, Authentic Romanian traditional culture.

Virginia’s Collections is owned by Virginia Voinea and is a legal Californian BOE registered small business since December 2016 and will collect sell taxes from California customers.

Virginia’s Collections has 18 years of market experience, activating on the Romanian market since March 1999 trough 2005, under the same brand and owner.

Virginia Voinea is a specialist tailor, with 48 years experience on her shoulders, with a Clothing Designer and Technologist Tailor degrees that gave her the ability to apply her designer and tailor knowledge in all areas that involve using all kinds of materials and fabrics.

Business owner‘s hope is that Virginia’s Collections to become your first provider of all unique, creative, original, pretty, elegant and cool items and services for your self and your gift’s subjects, and everything at a fair and affordable prices.

Business has all ages target and its success will, ultimately, be measured by customers choosing Virginia’s Collections items and services, because of their belief in this business ability to meet and exceed their expectations in design, selection, manufacturing and quality services.

Virginia’s Collections has a vast Collection of Socks, ordered straight from a China Socks Manufacturer. All the socks have been worked on, checked, verified, folded and packed by Virginia's Collections. We invite you to purchase any item with high confidence, because all the items are clear of defects and verified. All Virginia's Collections products are Unique, Elegant, Sexy, Pretty and Distinguished gift ideas for any events and up coming holidays seasons.

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