New and Unique Apron Design just released! I just finished my project of my own unique and elegant Apron Design prototype! I feel so good and exalted when my hard work project comes out so well. I created an elegant contrast color outline combination that will help the user of it to look gorgeous, sexier, beautiful, elegant and slimmer. This time I played with Black and White colors and I found a such beautiful printed fabric that I couldn’t resist to do not purchased it and play with. I love this combination so much. It’s bringing so much distinguished feeling. These two colors are so compatible and they come out in a such distinguished way that will bring so much elegance, royalty and beauty in potential owners life. This product is such a beauty that it becomes irresistible to do not have it! If you know me, you will know that I am all about combining Beauty, Elegance and outstanding Quality of labor work with usefulness! I made this apron with such much passion for beauty and outstanding quality of labor work that made me paying lots of my attention to details and finished look. This design is unique and new release. There wouldn’t be more than 2  same and identical products on this planet and they are made by me! Having this apron will give you that unique feeling that you are Unique and Distinguished at the same time!

So, this garment will take you out of the ordinary, making you extraordinary!

But, do you know what makes this designed apron so special?  The fact that this apron is REVERSIBLE, has TWO useful sides, is double-side it! You can wear it on either side, front or back, because both sides are professionally tailored to look as FRONT side! So, actually you will have 2-in-1 Aprons! Isn’t this wonderful detail? The Comfort is an other quality that this unique apron will offer to you when you will wear it! There is only one way to test all of these qualities: Go for it! Don’t leave it to other to have it! 

 ~ GO FOR IT ! 

 .... and stay tuned, because there are more other Designed Aprons in their way to be released!