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   Virginia (Gina) Voinea

   Owner, Designer, Specialist Tailor

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My name is Virginia (Gina) Antimescu Voinea, I’m Romanian native and I own Virginia’s Collections business since March 1999;

I was born, I grown up and I studied in Bucharest, Romania.

I used to live in Sarasota, Florida for about 4 years and 7 months. Since February 1992 through September 1995, prior settling in Sarasota, I traveled with the Circus business (Bentley & Bros, Gatti Circus Production & more), on a labor-contract basis. I traveled all over America and on West side of Canada, with Circus Shows. In addition to vendor work in concessions department (making and selling Snow cones, Candy-apples, cotton Candy, popcorn, etc ), I also designed, tailored and manufactured customized costumes for circus performers (for artists, ringmaster, acrobats, clowns, Pam Rosaires-Zoppe chimpanzees, etc). That was between early 1992- late 1996. Near the end of 1996 I returned to Romania for personal reasons. In 1999, officially I started and run my own small business there, 'til October 2005, when I returned to USA.

Now I reside here, in Aptos, California, since October 2005.

I have over 54 years experience in clothing design & tailoring, and at least 44 years experience in marketing. I also have a degree in Design & Tailoring Technology.

Since I was a little girl, I fell in love with fashion. My mom was the one she drag my attention towards clothing design and tailoring, knitting, crafting and reupholstering. She has always been elegantly dressed. She liked to be unique and she was distinguished, wearing all her stylish made garments. She was creative for her garments, for mine and for her clients, she was creative and original in making my dresses, my "spielhosens", my blouses, my skirts, my jackets, my pants, my pajamas and so on.  Generally speaking, she was my mentor and I always stood next to her when she was doing tailoring, watching her making patterns and sewing all her projects.

Early in my life, when I was about 7 to 8 years old, I used to make sketches and draw patterns of clothing items and asking my mom to "make my dream coming true", to achieve them. I was so focused on WHAT and HOW she was doing tailoring, that made me start my first sewing project, at about 9 yo.. Took me one year of daily exercises to get a perfect sewing jobs and getting a perfect look of all projects I accomplished as a little child. I was about 10 y.o. when my mom brought to me her friends alteration orders and that was my every day exercise that boosted my sewing and tailoring skills. At that time, bringing to me small sewing jobs, my mom considered that as I was helping her, but from my perspective, actually was a real progressive sewing skills improvement sessions what turned out to be my perfect sewing classes ever. My mom was multi skilled beautiful woman. She also was good at hand embroidery, crocheting, including macrame, knitting, re-upholstering and more.  I picked all the skills from my mom -God rest her in peace!-, so there is nothing I can't do.

Like my mom, I got the passion of wearing unique garments, so I start making my own sketches and garment drawings to come to life, turning them into reality, to make them wearable. So I became a garment designer early in my life. Later on, after I graduated my High School, I started and graduated with 10 (A), The Clothing Designer & Technology School. At the beginning of 1999 I started my own small business in Bucharest, Romania.  

Over the course of about 50 years I created many clothing designs and garments that brought satisfaction in my clients/customers hearts by customizing and adapting the garment designs to the measurements and shapes of their specific bodies. I made costumes for Circus performers and Ringmasters, for Halloween, Carnival, Ballroom. I made wedding garments, interior decorating items that included unique and elegant window treatments, unique custom designed draperies, curtains, valences, swags, throw pillows, place-mat sets, bed sets including comforters and many more other projects; I reupholstered many furniture pieces and also restored antique furniture. In other words, I did and I still do anything that fits in the field of interior decorating using fabrics and Tailoring or Custom Sewing. I have many other projects I am working on and that will be listed as soon as they will be available. I always wanted to bring my contribution in the everyday life and special events fashion, combining the usefulness with the pleasant and the comfort.

I am all about combining the Art, the Beauty, the Elegance and the QUALITY with the Usefulness and the Comfort.

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