Virginia's Collections began doing business in Bucharest, Romania in 1999.  The business was mainly based on custom sewing orders.

In that period of time (1997-2005) was a real blooming interest in Window Fashion and Window Treatments and because of that there were large amount of custom order requests for window treatments and interior decorating using fabrics. 

 Another aspect of Virginia's Collections was and is to design and manufacture of costumes for special occasions, such as sportswear, ballroom & performers’ costumes, carnival,  receptions and many more.

For example, the success of a show depends largely on the artist's costume, which should be spectacular, original and exceptionally finished. This task belongs to a professional, to a designer and a good tailor that is able to offer the highest quality products from all points of view. 

On this page, you will see JUST a partial list of finished projects. For more photos of finished projects, please visit the old Romanian website of Virginia's Collections here:






 or even stay tuned 'til I will upload more photos of done projects.

A sampling of Virginia’s Collection custom orders:

Church vestments/garments ( Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church, Santa Cruz, CA) :


 Altar Door Embroidered Curtain

Entrance door icons stand covers



Window Fashion

Decorative  Pillows 


Ring Master Coat

Carnival or Halloween Costumes

Formal /Wedding Garments

Circus Performers Costumes 

Rosaire-Zoppe Chimpanzee 's Costumes

Ballroom Dancer Dress

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