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Christmas Colors Kanzashi Flower Barretta

Regular price $30.00

This Christmas colors Kanzashi Barretta, I could make it at your choice request, adding little or more White or Silver or Gold accents to your barrette ordered. This Barretta is beautiful, elegant and unique as any art product. I have this piece in stock, ready to marry it to the one thst loves it!
Could be Wear it in any occasions, anytime and on any hairstyle and will bring you a sexy, sensual and elegantly look. Usualy, Green&Red&Gold/Dilver/white combination of colors are symbolic associated with Christmas seasons... and that is not bad at all!
I made this kanzashi Barretta with so much love and I would definitely love you to wear it with confidence, because buying this beautiful barretta, charged with the positive energy of love I made it, would attract other people love towards you as a magnet. I really believe so!
You can buy it for your self, or you could buy it as a gift for someone you respect, admire, or love ... Yes! It is a good gift idea and would be much appreciated your gesture, knowing that this item is a hand made hair accessory. More than that, now you have the power to order the gripping system you would prefer: Barretta system, clips system, comb support. For that you have to send me a note.
You also have to mention about dezired size of the gripping system you would love. That’s it!

Would you like More Unique, Elegant sexy, pretty and distinguished gift ideas for this up coming holidays seasons?
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Thank you for visiting my page!
With love,
Gina !

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