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Snur Martisor cu ciucuri "TRIFOI" / Martishor String with "CLOVER" Ends

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Snur Martisor cu Ciucuri "TRIFOI / Martishor String with CLOVER Ends

First of all, all my Martishor cords/strings/amulets and tassels are entirely handmade by me. I personally make them.  My handmade amulets are original and unique because they have new, creative designs & shapes and they go very well by its self or along with absolutely any gift offered during the Martishor/March Month season. I've been making this style of martishor since 1967. 
The cord is made from white & red silk-viscose thread, extra fine manually twisted. The cord could be just a little bit thicker if you will request so.

Materials:  "Tassels" are made or could be made from viscose silk or nylon threads, acrylic or wool yarn. 
Tassels are "CLOVER" shape and they come in 3 (three) size and design options::

  • 1.5 cm ( 5/8 in) REGULAR
  • 2.00 cm (3/4 in) REGULAR
  • 2.00 cm (3/4 in) with Beads

Cord length could vary: from 15 - 18 inches.

If there is a specific cord/string length desire, please contact me in advance or send me a inquiry note along with your order, regarding any specifications. I will be happy to please you. 
Cord consistency: could be made from 2 silk threads (1 thread White + 1 thread Red) or 
4 silk threads (2 threads White + 2 threads Red). If you would like a specific thickness, please message me and let me know which thickness you would love to order. Specific tassels do not "allow" a heavier cord thickness. Keep in your mind there must be a balance (in look) between tassels and cord/string.  

The cord will come packed in a small clear cellophane bag : 2.1/4 x 3.1/4 (inches) 

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