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Unique Women Socks. Model #2 Organic Cotton

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Virginia’s Collections is offering Unique, Gorgeous, Fancy, Elegant and Comfortable Women Socks that are made with 100% Organic Cotton and they have the future of deodorization. They are an excellent women accessory for summer, spring, autumn and even winter, when you like to present yourself outstanding and elegant person into friendly or family atmosphere.

Fashion industry is always looking for the latest trend to absorb it and then spread it to the rest of the world.

Each fashion brand aims to create a unique and characteristic visual style that fits its personality.

In my opinion majority of eccentric Haute Couture should belong in the museum. Most of them are not wearable.

I would say this: We are everyday girls that we need every day wear. Also we like to be elegant and feel comfortable, don't we?

That is why Virginia's Collections wants to draw your attention to a product that speaks for itself.


This pair of socks is Unique, Elegant & Gorgeous. Has a "V" shape of White Color Flowers Design (listed in my inventory as Model #2), on WHITE sheer and they are made with 100% Organic fine Cotton ( black cotton bottom part). The inside of socks and the design's edges (from inside of the socks) are clean finished and they are not defective, because I, personally, worked on, checked and verified them, I packed and tag them and prepare them for sell. I am all about quality of the items I am selling.

The black cotton side also contain Lycra and for that reason they will fit sizes : 6 - 9.5 (US) / 36-39.5 (EU).

If you have wider feet, please send me a note (or a message) for let me know and I look for a wider pair of socks for you.

Virginia's Collections has more designs/models(least 15 designs) you may choose from and at a very affordable cost. Just take a look, choose the designs you love it and place your order.

Virginia's Collections should become your favorite place to shop when you are looking for something unique, elegant, chic, or something that blends in a pleasant way the beauty and the usefulness of a wearable item such as these unique, gorgeous, elegant, fancy, sexy and comfortable pair of socks.

I suggest you to buy least one pair of socks, wear it, visit a friend or a relative, take your shoes off and show your elegant socks. They will love them, with out saying that you will feel comfortable and marvelous.

Your order would be shipped in the same day your order have been place, if that happened before 3:30 PM PST(Pacific Standard Time), on Mondays - Fridays, and on Saturdays before 1:00 PM PST. If there is a Holiday, your order will be shipped right after that Holiday, when the USPS will open theirs business doors.

Materials: organic cotton, polyester, lycra, nylon, Woolly nylon

Ships worldwide from United States.

For international buyers: Please check with me about international shipment costs, or check the international graphic Shopify offers as information. 

Thank you for stopping by.

                                                         Have a BLESSED Day!

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