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Denim Apron with Embroidery of your choice

Regular price $100.00

Get out of the ordinary into the extraordinary with this Unique, Beautiful and Elegant  Designer  Aprons by Virginia.

These  aprons have my own design, and is  by me from an old and used Denim jeans/pants. I had to OPEN up the OLD and no more unweard blue Denim jeans and reconstruct them înto an usefully Apron, with many pockets. As unique as it is, this apron’s design brings a “contrast” in your expectations, caring a blend of Classic and Contemporary Dressy Tailored Style and keeping with you a memory of your loved once. What I want to say?  I want to say that, this blue Denim jeans, if they are not used anymore as pants, they are very good to transform them and wearing them as, let’s say as in my case, an apron, ad a very dearly embroidery in the up-front area, or anywhere else, and ... there you go! 

This tailored style is a mixture of classic and modern outlines look, that gives you a full use of all jeans’s pockets, could be elegant and sexy, as well, if you want. This apron is Unique because has a unique design and because there I made three of these and they have been made by me and they are for sale only on this website. I made just three aprons they have exactly the embroidery you see them in the posted pictures. You could order an apron like that with a different embroidery design. They are the “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”.

These aprons are a SPECIAL ORDER, and you need to contact me prior to place the order to tell me what embroidery design would you love to be embroidered on the front of the apron !

Please keep in your mind that I have a very large embroidery designs inventory you could choose from, so you could feel free to contact me regarding the design that you would like to be embroidered on the denim apron. 

There you will have the choice to opt for a regular apron made from blue Denim fabric that doesn’t have the traced jeans pattern cuts, that comes with just one or two pockets. 

The price of each would be the same. 

But stay tuned, because there would be released other embroidered designs combinations, even with other Virginia's UNIQUE designs.

 At this time I had the mood and passion to play with blue or green denim fabric, to play with contrasts and outlines.There would be other design  combinations. Virginia Voinea Designer's Aprons will be unique, because they have a different look, different fabrics, different accessories, different contrast outlines and so on. 

This apron is NOT REVERSIBLE!

Could have 1 (or 2) large pocket(s) on the front side.  The neck straps closes on buttons and there are 3 adjustable given options for adjustment. The waist line ties are long enough to fit most sizes. 

You will love this UNIQUE Apron.

Description100% high quality.
Material: 100% Cotton or Cootin Blend.
Color: - Blue (or Yellow/Green-ish) color
Size: One size fits most ....
Garment Dimensions: Approximate 78 cm x 72 cm.
Style: Blend of Classic + Ordinary and Contemporary Dressy Tailored. 
Design: Blue denim jeans cut pattern, straight cut outline decolletage; neck straps based on buttons  adjustable style to stay smooth and give you comfort. The waist line ties are long enough to fit most sizes. Has one large pocket on the right side of  apron's body or there could be 2 pockets ( one pocket in the right and other pocket on the left). This new denim apron idea  makes this apron”s design marvelous.  

This Apron is a great Gift For Wife, Daughters or any Ladies from your life.

Package includes: 1 Apron.

These aprons are DESIGNED and MADE by Virginia's Collections, here in USA.

Their Designs are my own creativity, my babies, if you want , and they are UNIQUE!


Regarding these designs, please think twice before copy and reproduce them. There will be a LEGAL PENALTY CHARGE if you copy, reproduce and commercialize these items without my approval !


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